Kioware is a comparable competing product in the kiosk space with 5 products to choose from.

Webconverger has just one kiosk product. Let's compare against KioWare features:

  • Browser Lockdown - yes
  • Popup Window Control - yes
  • Domain/Page List Blocking - yes, see filtering
  • Integrated Browser Error Handling - yes, we can override the error page
  • Custom Navigational Toolbar Skins - we don't do skinning, though we do have "skin" options
  • File Download Blocking - yes
  • Remote XML Configuration - yes, we have a simpler line based API
  • Citrix/Terminal Server Support - no, though we support virtualisation with Virtualbox
  • OS/Desktop Lockdown - yes
  • Clear Cookies and Cache - yes
  • Keyboard Filtering - yes
  • Attract Screen Management - this can be done using a piece of Javascript in your own Webpage
  • Application Resetting - yes
  • User Session Management - no, we don't warn users they are taking too much time
  • Virtual Keyboard - an option at the moment
  • Automatically Run Logoff Script - this is like kioskresetstation
  • Replace Windows Explorer Shell - yes, though this is Windows specific
  • Dialog Blocking - we do block popups by default and we can offer exceptions, please view Popups and SSL warnings
  • Hardware/Software Watchdog - we don't have this, but we do plan to develop something comparable
  • Automatic Printer Retraction - no, I doubt this works in practice
  • Security Mat/Proximity Switch - no, we rely on users closing the last tab or a kioskresetstation timeout, but though we can integrate this hardware if a customer chooses
  • Barcode/MSR/Prox Reader Support - no (Android camera might work)
  • Bill Acceptor/Card Dispenser Support - no
  • Multiple Monitor Support (up to 10) - doable
  • Phone Dialing through your Application - yes, we can offer voice telephony via WebRTC
  • Upload Usage Stats - if you have Google analytics enabled on your site, we can arrange to identify the kiosk via a MAC identifier
  • Remote Content Updating - yes, this is the same as the earlier "Remote XML Configuration"
  • Server Side Kiosk Management - you can manage your kiosk in the cloud with Webconverger and achieve the same functionality
  • Server Side Statistics Analysis - no, though it's trivial to use Google Analytics on your site to monitor your kiosk use via MACID
  • Ad Hoc Grouping of kiosks - we identify machines by UUID and MAC ID and you are free to organise them as you wish
  • Remote Monitoring - you simply monitor them by checking your logs if the kiosk if accessing your homepage. We do have a more proactive monitoring option, though that's only offered via Neon
  • Flexible User Accounts - no, though we do have "debug mode" for full access you can toggle on boot
  • Store Custom Data on Individual Kiosks - we simply manage machines in a flat file which a spreadsheet can be exported to
  • API to Enable 3rd party add-ons - we can extend Webconverger with Mozilla Addons, though this an extra you need to be quoted for
  • Manage Multiple Client Sites - this isn't applicable, we manage everything in the cloud, in one place
  • Host KioWare for Clients - We do offer methods of hosting your Webconverger kiosk network completely independently of us if that's your requirement

Webconverger 12.3 compares closest to Kioware Lite which is priced at 84USD a year. Webconverger's basic price is 100USD a year or 10USD per month. We plan to bring back printing and perhaps the WebRTC for telephony which will be closer to their "Kioware Kiosk Basic" product at 162USD a year.

Webconverger does have other advantages that their table doesn't list. Webconverger does not need antivirus software that Kioware strongly recommends. And Webconverger doesn't need extra fiddling to lock down the PC like disabling USB memory devices as they suggest.

Webconverger is competitive when directly compared to a Kioware's Internet Explorer based product feature listing which is designed to promote their own product. That aside Webconverger is easier and quicker to deploy, safe from viruses and has better performance. Download Webconverger and see for yourself with a free 1 week no risk trial.

Want another product comparison? See SiteKiosk versus Webconverger