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  1. Tag webc and Debian Live config - git tag -s 13.0 && git push origin 13.0. Permission problems? sudo chown -R $USER:root .git
  2. Build it uk# /srv/www/
  3. Test it
  4. Just debug.log ping, check clients config fetch
  5. On gb, run /srv/www/
  6. Update .htaccess and nginx config
  7. Back up old release to
  8. Download text files for diff git diff --color-words --no-index webc-12.3.txt webc-13.0.txt | ansi2html > ~/wikis/
  9. Blog release notes, for example

I usually put in a md5sum here because it's seperate to the download servers.

Link the package changes, but avoid linking the package list explicitly as a URL like will break