Webconverger provides a simple and secure operating system to get you onto your Web application since 2007.

Competitor comparison
Feature Windows Porteus ChromeOS Webconverger
Automatic updates Yes, from Windows 10 Paid Yes Yes&transparent
Browser IE Older Firefox Chrome Latest Firefox
Remote configuration management No No Paid Paid
Runs on any PC Yes Yes No Yes

Why Webconverger for your Web kiosk?

  • Simple & Tested & Reliable
  • Good performance
  • API for fine tuning it for your deployment
  • Current, supporting the latest Web features
  • Excellent security
  • i18n support
  • We care about privacy!

Webconverger has sensible and sane defaults. Supporting Webconverger through payment, gives you support and a configuration management tool to help you maintain many machines with your settings!

Webconverger is much better compared to Microsoft Windows based products

The newly auto-updating Windows 10 has terrible privacy defaults.

Don't forget to include the cost of Windows which is usually a hidden cost forced upon System Integrators. The main cost of Windows is its poor security track record and its poor Internet Explorer experience.

To lock down a Windows machine, you need to purchase 3rd party software like Kioware or SiteKiosk:

These third party software don't save you from the maintenance headaches that Windows presents. Webconverger is much more polished and integrated Web kiosk solution.

Windows "Freezing" is not a secure approach

Microsoft Steady State has been discontinued.

Faronics offers a comparable solution to "freeze" the Windows machine. However "freezing" is not a good strategy for providing users an uptodate and current browser experience like Webconverger install users enjoy. "Deep Freeze" is comparable to Webconverger's Live version which we plan to phase out over time in favour of the "automatically uptodate" install version.

"Freezing" also does not guarantee any security for your users. For example a vulnerable flash in a "frozen" Windows could be exploited each and every browsing session, if the surfer unfortunately browses to the exploited every session. If Webconverger discovers an exploit, it is quickly patched and installs upgrade so that surfers are safe.