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Bandwidth costs

Webconverger averages about 100 downloads a day and the ISO file is about 400M. So we transfer about 40GB a day, or 1 Terabyte a month.

A GPLHOST VPS package 4 Debian configured machine for development, hosted in Singapore.


150GB pcm quota, goto Monitoring to see current use.

Extra is 12 USD (plus paypal fee) for 200 GB, and 24 USD for 400 GB, working out to be $0.06 per Gigabyte. Half the cost of S3. However it's just for that month! So it doesn't scale well at all.

Note that VPS will only turn off when you reach 120% of the allowed traffic. hosted by Dreamhost in California - 120USD (~75GBP) a year responsible for archives, backups and serving

A bottom of the range Digital Ocean droplet with

  • 512MB Ram 20GB SSD Disk Amsterdam 1 Arch Linux 2013.05 x64
  • 1 TB pcm bandwidth (that's 3x more than most other VPS providers)
  • 5USD a month
  • Archlinux (systemd)


Another Digital Ocean droplet, this time in Singapore (SGP1)

Uses: (gb)

Hosted with Linode is expertly curated by for the public wiki.

~60USD a year

Webconverger Github

On a bronze package at 25USD a month.

Curdbee 100USD a year.