Domain registration handled by Dreamhost.

DNS records hosted with AWS Route 53, this is mainly for DNS failover, though its performance is pretty damn good.

Bandwidth costs

Webconverger averages ~100 downloads a day and the ISO file is about 400M. So we transfer about 40GB a day, or 1 Terabyte a month. hosted by Dreamhost in California - 120USD (~75GBP) a year responsible for archives and backups.

Hosted by AWS CloudFront.

Github Pages hosted test site is at

New York droplet running Debian for building test images and other development/tests.

A bottom of the range Digital Ocean droplet with

  • 512MB Ram 20GB SSD Disk Amsterdam 1 Arch Linux 2013.05 x64
  • 1 TB pcm bandwidth (that's 3x more than most other VPS providers)
  • 5USD a month
  • Archlinux (systemd)

Uses: (gb)

Hosted with Linode is expertly curated by for the public wiki.

~60USD a year

Webconverger Github

On a bronze package at 25USD a month.


Most sites are now using automagic Lets Encrypt or AWS Certificate Manager on CF.


Hosted with at 90USD a year with 1 basic & 1 professional account.