BIOS sound scary, but it's simply the system responsible for booting your Operating System of choice.

Some PC BIOS boot a USB stick by default, so you might need to adjust your PC's BIOS at all.

There are different keys of entering the BIOS boot menu depending on the BIOS, it could be [Del], [Esc], [F2], [F8] or [F12] key. The BIOS usually flashes which key to press on your keyboard that allows you to access the BIOS setup for the briefest of moments as you turn your PC computer on.

Once you are in the BIOS menu, you need to find the boot menu and bubble up the USB disk where you copied Webconverger upon. Then Save & Exit, to boot Webconverger every time you power on that machine.

Intel NUC notes

Sadly the new might need you to toggle the OS selection in order to boot!

Intel Visual BIOS OS selection

F2 (BIOS) => Advanced => Boot => Boot Configuration => OS Selection

  • for Wheezy based release (current) choose : Windows 7
  • for Jessie (development branch), choose: Windows 8.X