The new easy-to-use installer is now part of Webconverger mini by default and out of beta. After downloading the latest mini (>= 3.4) ISO, burning it to a CD and booting your PC with it you should see a boot menu to install Webconverger to your disk. (By default Webconverger is a safe Live CD that will not touch the existing contents of your disk.)

Install Webconverger from Grub boot menu

Sooner than later you will be simply prompted to confirm whether or not to replace the contents of your disk:

Click Yes to replace the contents of your disk with Webconverger

Installation is actually quite fast:

Copying to your hard drive...

Perhaps in a couple of minutes you should finally see:

All done!

Now you're ready to take out the CD ISO and start installing Webconverger on the next PC. :)

If you don't want the default homepage to be for your particular deployment, then please utilise the customisation service.