Intel NUC runs Webconverger 16.0!

A very common question asked to is whether we support the Rasbperry PI? The answer is not yet, because we've tried it and the PI (Model B rev 2) is too slow for Web browsing to justify the man hours needed in making and maintaining the port. Webconverger is Free software, so I would love you to prove me wrong.

Another common question I get asked is what specific PC hardware Webconverger runs on. Webconverger should run on any PC. However it would be good to point customers to a particular reference...

Enter the Intel DC3217IYE, the NUC, not to be confused with the Nook reader. I purchased one yesterday for 450SGD with 4G of RAM from Video-Pro. What I loved about this PC purchase is that I was not forced to buy Microsoft Windows 7/8. Therefore saving 120SGD on Windows 7 OEM & hilariously buying a 45SGD CD drive just to install Windows.

The NUC works right out of the box with Webconverger 16 which is fantastic. There is still some further tweaks that can done, for example getting WebGL working, ensuring it can suspend efficiently to save power and ensuring sound properly works.

Typical NUC deployment

The NUC includes a VESA mount to make it easy to mount behind a screen that shares the interface. Making it great for kiosk deployments.

For Web signage deployments, where the screen should be mounted ideally flat against the wall... well this is tricky. Be great to hear if you have solved this problem. Unfortunately the NUC isn't passively cooled, so one needs to be a little careful how it's installed. Nonetheless comparing the beautifully small NUC to other signage hardware I've worked with, including Intel's own OPS standard, the NUC looks like a God send.

Webconverger on an Intel NUC

Really looking forward to supporting Intel NUC based deployments with Webconverger. The NUC is what I'll be recommending to customers for new hardware purchases for both Webconverger kiosks and signage installs.