SSL by Lets Encrypt in Webconverger

With the arrival of free SSL certificates from Lets Encrypt, together with a kind offer from Fastly CDN (locations) to help distribute Webconverger since we are an opensource project, we are now serving our ISO over SSL from If there is a download problem, please get in touch & try this backup.

So serving over SSL greatly reduces the chance of some malicious actor intercepting your connection to our server and giving you a corrupt version of our ISO. That's never happened to our knowledge, though why not make it even less likely going into the future?! The sha256sum is:

a3d71fbd55d4eac2f65ceeefff557f57ab3b76e41ecd25d00c69b65c0d522667  webc-34.0.iso
2d7a9d6f2a4ec3cc48926f2362d86485e1080169e4940ad187be4b9b5bccf57a  webc-34.0.txt

Updates include:

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Future plans

  • We hope to move to systemd-networkd for the next release. This should shave seconds off boot times.
  • We have someone new taking maintainership of the Rpi2 version, so expect some updates in the near future
  • Keep absolutely rock solid & security patched for your business processes to run smoothly on the open Web!
  • Please support our ongoing work by purchasing a subscription