One step forward and two step backwards with respect to upgrades.

I updated the rsync server with the security fixes of and I noticed the rsync server is exchanging (over 2 minutes):

2008/03/30 13:48:28 [10788] sent 11953590 bytes  received 65648 bytes  total size 21627786

Ummm 12 MEGABYTES rsync upgrade from to!!?? WTF! The Debian package is:

7.8M    iceweasel_2.0.0.13-1_i386.deb

How the hell did this happen? I did some basic testing before rolling out this new system, though I didn't pay close attention to sizes of data transferred. I put too much trust in rsync. Sorry about this folks.

If you want to disable upgrade simply remove the word 'iceweaselupgrade' from the boot parameters.

Ok I noticed I missed the compress flag '-z' which can half the transfer. The maddening thing is that I need to regenerate all maxi and mini images. An effort which can take many hours for just two missing characters. :(

Update: Just thought of something else I should try WRT upgrading Firefox.