Webconverger needs goals for 2009.

Besides fixing some annoying bugs like being able to manually fix the resolution, I would like to spend some time carefully polishing the install. For example making sure any boot menus are locked down, once they are configured on install.

Another goal is to tweak the business model. I would like to move away from a customisation model as it's ultimately silly to differentiate from your core product for every order. Hopefully some administrator settings can persist with a Web UI I have been working on behind the scenes.

To tweet about Webconverger and only Webconverger related stuff. I have been tweeting about me, myself and I. Sorry, I got carried away. :)

Since Webconverger Limited actually owns a printer, I will endeavour to get some sort of persistent printing configuration working.

To balance the Webconverger books and pay some taxes. Someone has to save the UK economy. ;)