Below is my experiences of running a UK technology company and nothing really about Webconverger the super secure Web kiosk software.

Webconverger Limited received an odd mail from Companies House that the business was required to post an "Annual Return".

At first I thought this was something to do with the annual Tax return which I've yet to do. After calling Company House, this hadn't anything to do with the Company Tax Return, it has to do with re-registering the company. A UK business ritual I was completely unaware of.

Since forming the company with Brighton formations I assumed the company was registered. Though according to Company House the company needs to pay 15GBP a year, to keep registered.

So I registered on their rather poor Web filing Web application and all the details that I expected Brighton formations to input weren't quite correct or just missing. Crikey is this what you get for 50GBP from a formations company?

So now I would not recommend forming a company with a "formation company". Just register a company straight from Company house and save yourself 35GBP.

Still paying Companies House 15GBP just to confirm your records seems like some sort of "business listing" scam. What a lovely cash cow.

I'm a little confused why Companies House seems complete separate from UK "The Government Gateway" from HM Revenue & Customs.