Just uploaded a new version 3 beta of maxi.

Webconverger has pretty AMAZING i18n support. That means after adding a locale in the boot option locale=ja_JP.UTF-8 you get a Japanese Web kiosk. Easy.

This is great to play around with exotic CJK characters and inputs. Select a text box and scim (an input switcher) will be activated with [Control]+[Space]. Pretty impressive huh?


locale=zh_CN.UTF-8 keyb=zh

Chinese support in Webconverger



Japanese support in Webconverger



Korean support in Webconverger

Trouble is, I don't hear of many people from the CJK part of the world. :(

The only time I heard that Chinese people love Webconverger, was from a library in Canada. Come on guys, you're welcome on the open Web platform. I'm happy to see many Chinese are already using UTF-8, which is great news. If you're Asian and find the fonts or some other rendering looks bad, please let me know.

Update: 3.0beta2 maxi now has an easy to use Grub menu on the CD iso version.

Webc 3.0 beta 2 Grub menu for CD

Enjoy :)