4.3 release notably fixes the xvideomode=widthxheight boot parameter. So in the cases where Webconverger incorrectly detected your for example 320x200 display you can append:



And as promised last week the Compose key is bound to the Right-Alt key (113). This feature is of especial interest to French users who care about accented characters. Superb.

Developers, builders and integrators might be interested to note some improved networking documentation and the fact that I have migrated the Webconverger configs to take advantage of Daniel's new autoconfig script/ style in Debian Live. If you noticed any problems, please let me know.

Maxi does not install

Maxi, the version of Webconverger with foreign language support like Japanese, Korean and Chinese is just a Live CD. You cannot install it to your hard drive.

The way you switch locales with the boot parameter locale= does not work once you've installed Webconverger, due to the fact live-initramfs is not part of the bootup sequence on installations.

This needs to be fixed. The plan I have is to roughly have a Web interface to change locales and maintain an installed copy of Webconverger on the hard drive. This Web interface needs to be protected by a password ideally, otherwise people could disrupt the kiosk, which is certainly not a design goal of Webconverger. Hence this feature demands some thought still.

So you might notice that maxi and mini and roughly the same size now. That's because mini has extra bits to install to the hard drive, whilst maxi does not. In future maxi and the mini concepts will be dropped and things will get simpler with just one version that can meet most people's kiosk needs. :)

Other notes and issues

Pushing the upload now. The source tar ball will come during the week. It's quite large. Download now from Germany.

The USB images seem to have the wrong bootloader graphic. This is probably due to the config/ changes. I am not going through the expense of regenerating the USB images, until the next release.

Also the video mode could be wrong at least on my machine.