When Webconveger first started using Google checkout it was free, which was nice. I can't remember when Google Checkout UK started charging transactions fees, I guess at the end of 2007.

Until May 2009 they charged Webconverger 1.5% + 0.15. So on 100GBP, Google's cut was 1.65GBP.

Google's checkout fees have increaded to 3.4% + 0.20 on Monthly sales below 1500GBP. So Google's cut will increase to 3.6GBP. More than a 100% increase. That's greedy Google.

So what are the alternatives?

After enquiring Worldpay say:

Our new business offer is:
Set-up Fee: £75
Monthly Fee: £15 each month (first month payable upon application).
Credit and Debit card charge is 3.35% + 15p per transaction.

There must be better ...

It depends how much you're going to use it and who for. For UK-centric, nochex.co.uk used to be competitive. For small volumes, moneybookers.com was OK. I'm interested to hear what you go for. MjR

Since most of Webconverger customers are from outside the UK, we need a global solution. My friend Jake just mailed me to have a look at secpay, now Paypoint. Like Worldpay, Paypoint seem to require a business to ask for a quote. Urgh.