2007-11-12 Kai Hendry

* 2.33 is slowing trickling out as fast as my slow PC can generate the
images and my terrible upload channel can swallow
* Added "nosudo" as default mode
* Improved extension to have a "End session" button

2007-10-15 Kai Hendry

* Resolved unionfs module issue
* Uploaded a mini version 2.30 with the grub boot loader

2007-10-14 Kai Hendry

* Rebuilt repo now
* Have a bit of an issue with unionfs modules
* Setup pbuilder for various backports, l.d.n is coming back up
* Playing with grub bootloader

2007-10-11 Kai Hendry

* Rebuilding development setup after a hard drive crash
* Extending timeout of usplash
* Preparing a new release with an updated Gecko

2007-09-19 Kai Hendry

* Switched from subversion to

2007-09-11 Kai Hendry

* General house keeping :)

2007-08-21 Kai Hendry

* Removed FullerScreen from mini as
    1) It's not representive of the Digital Signage modes:
    2) Upstream (Daniel Glazman) is sadly unresponsive
    3) It's only really good for slideware (not Digital Signage)
* Added a 'noxbg' option

2007-08-06 Kai Hendry

* Release 2.29 of everything, ISO, USB (mini, maxi, opera)
* Web page updates since I see we're now listed on Distrowatch!

2007-08-05 Kai Hendry

* Release 2.29, USB version of mini

2007-08-04 Kai Hendry

* Improved 'Digital Signage' extension

2007-08-03 Kai Hendry

* Waiting for to hit stable before I start generating new images

2007-08-01 Kai Hendry

* Playing with the win32 loader. My linux compiles and works on WinXP.
* Torturing my soul with usplash themes

2007-07-30 Kai Hendry

* Developing live-initscripts
* Doing a git repo for custom.webconverger.com

2007-07-26 Kai Hendry

* Various updates to the wiki
* http://webconverger.org/kiosk/ details the two new iceweasel extensions
I've done for noaddressbar and fullscreen applications

2007-07-23 Kai Hendry

* live.debian.net is back up.
* Made my own live.debian.net packages and doing a little hacking on
live-initscripts upgrade function
* firefox is out, so I need to do some new images
* Still have not finished Harry Potter so sorry for excuse the delay

2007-07-22 Kai Hendry

* live.debian.net and I can see there is a serious bug with the upgrade
script as Webconverger is not booting up...

2007-07-20 Kai Hendry

* Since Webconverger isn't shipping msttcorefonts and the Flash plugin,
  I am dropping FullyFree, as Webconverger is ...well... fully free!
* Been maintaining the wiki...

2007-07-19 Kai Hendry

* (re-)Enabled printing
* Testing Chinese locale and added some documentation. Seems to
work OK in the new consolidated version of Webconverger
* Pushed up 2.26

2007-07-18 Kai Hendry

* new bg and i've let my artistic flair loose on the usplash theme

2007-07-17 Kai Hendry

* Updated fullerscreen package
* Removed my usplash backports in favour of

2007-07-11 Kai Hendry

* vim changelog editing is working again :)
* changed back to Dejavu as Gentium looks wrong in some cases
* I am working on consolidating i18n versions of Webconverger
  It wasn't a good idea to have 19+ versions of webc to rebuild every

2007-07-04 Kai Hendry

* Silently rolled out 2.25 which fixed a cmdencode problem
* USB images need work atm
* Still need to regenerate other images...

2007-07-04 Kai Hendry

* Been working a lot on behind the scenes processes
* Update the splash screen from Otavio's simpler example
* Removed syslinux boot splash and made a new bg with the Gentium font
* Silently rolled out 2.23 :)

2007-06-27 Kai Hendry

* Did an Italian version
* Playing around with options in the Latvian version (unstable)
* Moved http://webconverger.infogami.com/ to ikiwiki...
* Playing a lot with OpenVZ on argo.nipl.net (build server)
* Rolled out 2.21
* Issued a newsletter update

2007-06-26 Kai Hendry

* i18n Japanese version
* Dropping /beta
* Dropped msttcorefonts due to licensing issues
* Still messing around with usplash
* Added spelling to most images
* Added the Gentium TrueType font

2007-06-14 Kai Hendry

* Pushed out Tor (anonymous browsing)
* Working on Latvian version of Webconverger for Aigars
* Setup a "stable" staging area

2007-06-13 Kai Hendry

* Great success! Found the right CSS selectors to hide some annoying
unrequired features like "send page", "save page", "bookmarkpage"
* still playing with usplash and thinking about webconverger artwork

2007-06-12 Kai Hendry

* Too busy to keep up to date on the changelog at Debconf7
* looked into improving usplash
* looked into a win32 installer
* trying to solve a swiss keyb problem
* _enabled spelling_ on es, fr, de, en via myspell
* right click context menu also re-enabled
* removed mac/count from portal url (no need)
* tweaked deploy scripts
* need to ready 2.21 ...

2007-06-06 Kai Hendry

* Opera builds are working again
  Thanks to Eddy at opera!
* Testing usplash0.4 again (not working for me)
* Ready-ing 2.18 for release

2007-06-05 Kai Hendry

* Wrestling with Xen on my build host
* Updated dwm.web so there is no top bar (!)
  I think this will make life a lot easier for me, as I won't have to
  support bitmap fonts for localisation.
* See: http://natalian.org/archives/2007/05/31/chinese-font/
* Tweaked the Webconverger extension so users hopefully won't get a Window
  popup. (needs a bit of testing)
* Updated German translation, thanks Marc
* Broke vmware on my X40. Damn unstable ;)

2007-05-31 Kai Hendry

* Wrote a deployment script
* Released 2.17 inc. ES&ZH i18n version

2007-05-30 Kai Hendry

* Tweaked the webconverger extension
* Updated the fullerscreen extension
* config/includes.chroot is now empty
* Researching Chinese fonts

2007-05-28 Kai Hendry

* Added a few extensions:
    * torbutton - toggling Tor routing
    * procon - basic text based pornography filter
    * fullerscreen - for slideware/signage apps
* Tweaked webconverger extension to allow text resizing
* Pulled a test Tor ISO together (had to backport Tor)
* Learnt about VeraSansYuanTi Chinese font and other potential zh issues
* Aaronsw says hopefully he'll get infogami fixed...
* s/wc-/webc-/ wc means huuhuuuu to the Chinese ;)

2007-05-27 Kai Hendry

* Noticed keyb= boot option
* Struggled with infogami for a bit
* Put a test Chinese localization together
* Tested ipw2200 wireless (need to work on 23networking)
* Now using LIVE_LINUX_FLAVOURS="686". Performance might improve.
* Configured build server to use a squid proxy and not apt-cacher
* Pondered about logo http://flickr.com/photos/hendry/514479324/
* Tried to switch to live-initramfs's 'upgrade', but it was causing X to
foul up, so reverted.
* Worried about how to sanely build and test 4+ localisations. ISO/IMG et

2007-05-24 Kai Hendry

* casper is dead. really. i'm using live-initramfs now.
* Added some binary includes to hopefully help people inspecting the
CD in another running operating system.
* Updated the iceweasel extension to be a little lighter and re-enable the
binds. Sorry I took so long over this one.
* Ready-ing 2.16 release ....
* Removed some fonts 
* The 2.16 release is up!

2007-05-23 Kai Hendry

* Implemented a reset boot parameter 'kioskresetstation=<mins>'
* I'm going for the 'Web 2.0 operating system' tag
* Thanks Antoine Delaunay for the first (French) translation of the portal page
* Organising the build process to hopefully be able to build lots of
different versions of Webconverger

2007-05-22 Kai Hendry

* I blame Debian's #424224 for my terrible changelog editing
* Earlier I forgot to mention I updated dwm
* And managed to get exotic hangul fonts working with it
* Though Webconverger will target locales as it is too tricky to support
all at one time. People could get confused with keyboard switching for 
example and of course there is the small extensions issue with the
* New progress bar http://flickr.com/photos/hendry/510000876/
* Been working on a reset feature... just a little more testing..

2007-05-21 Kai Hendry

* Released 2.14
* Moved to xloadimage instead of feh
* Now using backports to improve hardware compatibility
* Lots of small changes to keep in line with live-helper developments
* Started preparing i18n translations
* Removing cups from packagelist (instead an option for customization)
* download.webconverger.com is now mirrored (and a little rearranged)

2007-05-14 Kai Hendry

* Launched the /buy page
* I have Internet in my London house share!!

2007-05-07 Kai Hendry

* Update config for new live-helper developments
* Working on a Korean version of Webconverger
* Trying to integrate Google checkout

2007-04-29 Kai Hendry

* Moved into East London
* Booked 2 week trip for Debconf7

2007-04-19 Kai Hendry

* Added some free fonts and going to go for a totally Free Software build
of Webconverger (without Flash!)
* Tweaked the Web page and style sheet for serif

2007-04-18 Kai Hendry

* Tested printing, it works!
* Upto 2.12 with unsupported Opera builds of Webconverger

2007-04-17 Kai Hendry

* Added cupsys for printing
* Added homepage redirect mechanism
* Upto 2.9 in dev...
* Will release 2.0.10 now

2007-04-16 Kai Hendry

* Made test case for window popup bug
  Implemented temp fix for now ...
* Beta-ing a cupsys netboot img
* Added RSS feed to .com
* Moved hook into -base with a noaddressbook feature in 2.6

2007-04-14 Kai Hendry

* Disabling PC bell (Paul's suggestion)
* Released 2.5 and the first major test of an automatic update seems to

2007-04-11 Kai Hendry

* Releasing 2.4 ISO&USB versions

2007-04-10 Kai Hendry

* Painfully moved most includes into webconverger-base
* Upto version 2.4 in testing...
* locales= are working again. Traced bug down to mini hook.

2007-04-07 Kai Hendry

* Redesigned webconverger.com site
* Add homepage= boot parameter

* Moved some stuff from my own public repo to a Webconverger specific one
  to make it easier to share tasks.

2007-04-03 Kai Hendry

* webconverger-usplash finally kinda works
* /usr/share/live-helper/includes/common/ purged
* mozplugger added to allow pdfs inline-ish

2007-04-02 Kai Hendry

* Added more kill options to dwm
* uxterm is default term if enabled
* Improved http://webconverger.com/about/

2007-03-31 Kai Hendry

* Generated source.iso and uploaded it

2007-03-29 Kai Hendry

* Polished syslinux templates
* Put back searchbar :)

2007-03-26 Kai Hendry

* Added About page
* Removed searchbar
* Bg with "loading..."
* Added mini hook to save a few megs

2007-03-25 Kai Hendry

* Moved prefs into /etc/iceweasel
* Nuking /etc/sudoers to remove super user
* Enabled boot logging via includes
* Added feedback form on portal
* Altered persistent-browser to nuke ~/.mozilla and send some hopefully
useful information in the url
* Added mini hook to purge some useless stuff
* Hopefully released 1.6 out the door tonight

2007-03-19 Kai Hendry

* Tried out a i18n build (1.0) of WC&iceweasel
  Many extensions seriously degrade FF's preformance
  Keyboard/locale switching needs work
* WC is now a subproject of Debian Live (src is now in alioth)
* Rkiosk is now iceweasel-webconverger. Ugh...
  Fullscreen mode is OK (mailed dwm about perhaps removing TOPBAR)
  Navbar is seriously b0rked
* Added some Iceweasel prefs to the hook

2007-03-17 Kai Hendry

* Tweaked Opera settings to remove wand(paswd manager), get Gmail js
working and reduce the reset time
* Implemented hook to get X locked down
* Put back a shortcut in dwm to allow me to launch a terminal ;)
* Looking good on live-helper now
* Using upgrade-system and a hook to init.d to provide updates

2007-03-15 Kai Hendry

* Moving to live-helper
* Added newsletter on webconverger.com
* netboot works

2007-03-09 Kai Hendry

* Updates to design

2007-03-06 Kai Hendry

* Added /design
* Cleaned up persistence bootup script
* Building "etch" images now
* sudo removed

2007-03-01 Kai Hendry

* "Beware the Ides of March" alpha release
* 0.7.1 has boot prompt enabled again because switches like acpi=off can
be useful
* The images featuring Opera are quite healthy now and focus will resume
on the kiosk extension for Iceweasel