Lincoln looking onto Washington memorial

Webconverger will be switching from usplash to splashy for the progress splash screen. Splashy is much simpler and easier, you just need to get a JPG graphic together for your artwork instead of an SVG (and praying) like you had to with usplash.

Other big news is the Webconverger is upgrading to use the 'Lenny' release of Debian. 'Lenny' might not be as stable as Debian's 'etch' release yet. Though I think it has better hardware support and allows for some other exciting software developments. Stay tuned for some big announcements in the near future!

Much is of this work has been made possible by orders by various customers. Thank you for your custom. You are helping Webconverger improve by purchasing customization and support. Else please don't hesitate to send some feedback AT! :)