Webconverger 4.2

Recently we've been made aware that the extension that locks down Webconverger can be removed by installing another extension. That's a security bug and thank you for the report!

Hence the 4.2 security release which fixes this XPIinstallConfirm issue and also disables about:config.

The packages are refreshed from Debian lenny, including an important browser security update 3.0.5. To find out which packages have been updated, try:

vimdiff http://download.webconverger.com/mini/webc-4.1.mini.txt http://download.webconverger.com/mini/webc-4.2.mini.txt

Next week I hope to have some more improvements like the 'Compose key' and resolution setting xvideomode= working again.

Webconverger takes security very seriously. You are welcome to mail the user forum or mail us privately on security at webconverger.com. Take care,