Since I seriously began developing operating systems when I lived in Korea, I have had this idea for an operating system with an interface like:



To have an idea is one thing, though to carry the idea out is quite another! After years of procrastination on my part, the basic functionality has been checked in with the help of the lightweight httpd nostromo. To try it out you can experiment with 3.6 beta maxi releases or try out the dailies from today.

Browsing to http://webconverger, will give a list of some options you can try out.

A post about this Web API on the mailing list.

Of course the security must be better. Super user commands www-data should be defined in /etc/sudoers. Perhaps a prompt for at least /halt should be in place before I do a proper release. Please consider the concept for now and let me know whether you like it or not.