Google talkplugin under Webconverger 18.0

Webconverger is git signed and tagged "18.0" with the following new features:

  • Provisioned the proprietary Google talk plugin, which will make us more applicable in Internet cafes. With a Google account you can make voice and video calls!
  • New fonts, you shouldn't see a missing Unicode glyph for your language, thanks to the newly integrated Droid font coverage
  • Arabic & Russian i18n support via the default [Alt+shift] key bind, through the boot Languages menu
  • Firefox 19
  • iptables= API described in filtering
  • showprintbutton API described in printing
  • 3.8.2 Linux kernel with better hardware support

To see the details from Webconveger 17, you can clone our curated chroot and run git log --oneline --decorate 17.0..18.0.

md5sum: 96ea1567db980ce1b200dd9e8881dd79 webc-18.0.iso
sha1sum: 6c54fcf2d34e29766b4f480c673105b88392c326 webc-18.0.iso

Live users, please download the update from and install Webconverger 18.0.

Installed users of Webconverger will as usual be automatically upgraded thanks to our unique git-fs upgrade technology.