If you are new to Webconverger, welcome! Enjoy our screenshot tour of Webconverger to get a better idea if Webconverger is right for your deployment.

This 23.0 release is probably our last snapshot for 2013, one that should help turn your PCs into Web kiosks or Web digital signs. Happy holidays!

What's new?

  • Linux 3.10 kernel for increased hardware compatibility
  • Firefox 26 and Flash updates
  • A change to make installed version upgrades and downgrades more bandwidth efficient
  • BUGFIX: When using a non-English locale, Accept Language headers are properly set. So for some Web applications, pages will be automatically in your language!

Some of these changes were previously announced on the mailing list, so thanks to all who helped test this release.

Please download the latest release and we would love to hear from you!

Have a look at Github's commit view for details on the transparent changes leading upto this release.

sha1sum: b3eb16a27441c4d63af13a2a066358ed15763ae0  webc-23.0.iso
md5sum: d0273d8cf6b8c8aaeb84e181a502aeed  webc-23.0.iso