New features and fixes

Adobe Acroread 8 on Webconverger 4.7

  • Added iptables firewall
  • Fix UA string for Hotmail
  • file:/// disabled in the latest kiosk extension. Try it out from here.
  • Remove previous wireless default to join any open network.
  • Iceweasel 3.0.9
  • CUPS printing support re-instated with a Firewall to rule to allow for printer sharing broadcasts
  • 2.6.29 kernel backport, which means even better hardware support
  • Xpdf dropped in favour of a working printing dialog with Acroread -- there are some embedding issues when you first run it, [Ctrl+q] is needed to close the PDF viewer. Also saving allows file browsing.

Known issues

Wrong default locale dictionary

  • Spelling language has to be manually chosen and doesn't respect chosen locale boot options
  • The debian installer which only worked on the ISO version is temporarily disabled until the debian installer uses 2.6.29 which supports squashfs 4.
  • USB version seems to trigger Unknown video mode at least one of our test systems
  • CJK support disabled until new code proven and accepted in live-initscripts

Available first on the German mirror. Please comment on webc-users, thank you.