From 6.0 to 6.1 we have the usual updated browser, flash and excitingly iso-hybrid support.

Instructions how to modify the ISO

Migrate your video content to open HTML5 video instead of Adobe Flash

Argh, browser filtering

I agree with Steve Jobs that Adobe has been lazy.

I am sick and tired of Flash killing the performance of Webconverger on netbooks and its long running instabilities. Flash is really the only proprietary non-free software in this opensource distribution.

So if you are a content creator, please move to HTML5 video. I have quickly made a Web tool to help create HTML5 video.

Webconverger's HTML5 video playback is far more stable and faster than Flash on cheap netbooks. Yes, I'm aware Youtube is being a little bit daft by UA sniffing.

Otherwise, do download and enjoy this new feature release of Webconverger and please report any issues to the mailing list.