Webconverger 8 based on Artax

Testing Webconverger 8

Webconverger 8 allows you to deploy Firefox 4.0.1 in a kiosk environment. This release uses a lot of upto date Debian packages from Progress Linux.

Between 7.2 to 8.0 there are several highlights such as:

  • Firefox 4.0.1
  • Updated Adobe flash to
  • 2.6.39 linux kernel
  • A few extra locales, like South African English

This ISO's md5sum is 66456a5a4dc0dcbf5024f849f59a6dc3. USA mirror: http://download.webconverger.com/ Germany: http://download.webconverger.org/

Security has been tightened up by removing terminals. If you can figure out how to download a terminal and break out of the browser, please email security@webconverger.com.

There is a two known issues that might affect you.

1) Rarely Webconverger boots without loading the browser. I can't reproduce it, so if you can, please tell me how you did it. The work around is sadly to try booting again.

2) Sometimes Webconverger can time out loading http://portal.webconverger.com/. I think this is due to the network not being quite ready, or the homepage fetch has a short TTL. The workaround is to refresh or use a homepage URL more local to you installation.

If you notice any more issues please report them to the mailing list.

I will personally have problems fulfilling Webconverger customisation orders between the 23rd of July and the beginning of October, due to the Mongol rally I'm undertaking. Please consider donating money to Mongolian kids I'm raising for and wish team Geekout luck!

However if you email sales@webconverger.com, Daniel should be able to help you whilst I'm away. :)