Webconverger 2.36 has support for the http_proxy= boot parameter. Conducted some basic testing, though I have not tested SSL.

I was thinking of using Firefox's network.proxy.autoconfig_url feature, though it didn't seem to work.

Trouble is, that network.proxy.autoconfig_url relies on these odd JavaScript PAC files served with the "application/x-javascript-config" mimetype. So it wasn't appropriate for simple localhost proxies.

Using this $http_proxy a whitelisting filtering was constructed for a client using tinyproxy. This little tinyproxy filtering guide came in useful.

Other updates

Webconverger's kiosk (>>6.21) extension now quits on F10 or when the user closes the last tab. This took a lot longer than expected. Thanks to Jamie for helping me out on this and all the helpful people on IRC.

I am looking for a new home for webconverger.org. Looking for a nice VPS vserver/xen solution in Europe with Debian of course.