Webconverger can be deployed by a live by CD or USB stick media in about two minutes depending on the machine.

Since Webconverger is designed for for just Web applications.

Images are typically about 300 megabytes in size.

Webconverger aims to get smaller, not bigger.

Webconverger has a very minimal "setup" and uses sensible defaults and features, usually defined in a boot menu.

By default a deployed Webconverger has no preferences you can set and is designed to be "locked down" so users can't accidentally change things. This makes Webconverger much easier to maintain compared to other operating systems. It also makes Webconverger an excellent choice for sharing amongst people.

Deployment options

  • Booting USB stick
  • Booting CD
  • Booting a Live CD and then imaging the Webconverger ISO to the hard drive, see usb
  • netboot - currently unsupported by default, consider cloning the image using this pxeboot guide

Notice Webconverger Web applications can leverage the rich capabilities of Firefox with HTML5 graphics and the default fonts.