Accompanying Flickr set

  1. Download the latest official Webconverger from The download file will be named to the latest ISO checksum.

  2. Open a Terminal in /Applications/Utilities/

  3. Run diskutil list to get the current list of devices

  4. Insert your flash media

  5. Run diskutil list again and determine the device node assigned to your flash media (e.g. /dev/disk4)

  6. Run diskutil unmountDisk /dev/diskN (replace N with the disk number from the last command; in the previous example, N would be 4) Note: this will wipe all information you have on the selected disk. So be very careful to note the correct device node assigned to your thumbdrive

  7. Execute sudo dd if=/path/to/downloaded.iso of=/dev/rdiskN bs=1m (replace "/path/to/downloaded.iso" with the path where the desired file is located).

A path is where the desired file is stored on your computer. To find the path to the downloaded file, open Finder to locate the file, select the file and right click. Then select "Get Info." In the pop-out window, you should be able to see a field called "Where." It should look something like "/Users/NameofAccount/Downloads"

So for example, what you should type into Terminal, where the desired file is webc-13.0.iso, and the device node assigned to your thumbdrive is 4:

sudo dd if=/Users/NameofAccount/Downloads/webc-13.0.iso of=/dev/rdisk4 bs=1m

Terminal may prompt you for an admin password if you have set one up. When you key in your password, it does not show up on the Terminal, so be careful to type it correctly once and hit enter.

While copying, Terminal does not show any progress bar and looks like it's doing nothing. Wait until it displays the transfer message.

Finally step 8 Run diskutil eject /dev/diskN and remove your flash media when the command completes.

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