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When Webconveger first started using Google checkout it was free, which was nice. I can't remember when Google Checkout UK started charging transactions fees, I guess at the end of 2007.

Until May 2009 they charged Webconverger 1.5% + 0.15. So on 100GBP, Google's cut was 1.65GBP.

Google's checkout fees have increaded to 3.4% + 0.20 on Monthly sales below 1500GBP. So Google's cut will increase to 3.6GBP. More than a 100% increase. That's greedy Google.

So what are the alternatives?

After enquiring Worldpay say:

Our new business offer is:
Set-up Fee: £75
Monthly Fee: £15 each month (first month payable upon application).
Credit and Debit card charge is 3.35% + 15p per transaction.

There must be better ...

It depends how much you're going to use it and who for. For UK-centric, used to be competitive. For small volumes, was OK. I'm interested to hear what you go for. MjR

Since most of Webconverger customers are from outside the UK, we need a global solution. My friend Jake just mailed me to have a look at secpay, now Paypoint. Like Worldpay, Paypoint seem to require a business to ask for a quote. Urgh.