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Webconverger USB boot testing

Seasons greetings! Apologies for the delayed security release, that is 5.9. I have been enduring a cold and BT 20CN 'professional' broadband which limits me to 3GB of traffic between 9am-6pm for the MONTH in Cornwall, UK! Yes, it's almost 2010! And that also means the feedback email address has been updated to

So what has changed in 5.9 over 5.8?

  • hefty flash security update
  • Bloated GNU grub is dropped on ISO which should mean wider hardware support
  • hetty has been upgraded meaning quicker builds and order turnarounds
  • Unfortunately some bloat crept in (avahi, dbus, xorg-docs) -- will remove them later

Please report any issues that are not in the todo list on the friendly mailing list.

Happy surfing!