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By the way Webconverger is really cool because we used SiteKiosk under Windows
and the performance on our old terminals was terrible since we got a new
homepage... there was to much unused operating system trash running in the
background which slowed down our terminals.
-Stefan Schwann (Hi-Fi Video Majdic GmbH)

Microsoft Vista has very high system requirements and poor hardware compatibility.

MacOSX / Chromium OS require their own particular hardware.

Webconverger can run on most PCs that meet Firefox's minimum requirements.

Webconverger has been even known to run on Pentium 3, though Flash should be disabled in such daring re-uses of old computers.

In fact Webconverger does not require any hard drive, if you boot from a USB stick.

Webconverger can run well on older machines that can USB boot. Give Webconverger a try!