Today Google have announced the chromebit with Single App CDM mode aka Chrome OS for kiosks which Webconverger has offered for several years now via

Google are charging 24USD a year for the service where we sell the service for 200USD one off (bulk discounts available!). Over the 7+ years we've offered commercial services supplying kiosk & signage OS software, our customers tell us they much prefer the one off cost since it's easier to budget for. Hardware wise, currently our full featured flagship product using the Firefox browser is PC only. Chrome OS is generally locked to particular hardware. We did make an effort to support the Raspberry Pi2, though recently efforts have somewhat stalled due a Broadcom graphics issue with Webkit2.

Besides the differences outlined in ChromeOS versus Webconverger, we do not allow remote screen grabs as we think it can violate user privacy. We also cannot tell how our kiosk is used, since we do not log the surfing session like out competitors do. We believe it is upto the configured homepage to determine how it was used.

So to summarise, we ask you to please consider Webconverger on PC as an alternative to Google Chrome OS on Chromebit with Single App CDM since:

  • Webconverger is more transparent
  • Webconverger cares more about privacy
  • Webconverger is not Google. We do not depend on any Google service.
  • We will not upsell you any Google service
  • Supporting our work, will be indirectly support work for cheaper ARM based hardware support

Please ask us for an alternative kiosk quote where you can use your existing PC supplier/stock instead of being locked into the Google ecosystem.