Privacy policy

Webconverger is designed to ensure users privacy and security whilst surfing the Web, primarily by wiping the slate clean between sessions. Therefore public users of a Webconverger kiosks should not have to fear they are leaving any private data behind.

Webconverger does not record your search history or collect any data of your surfing habits.

The Webconverger operating system sends the following data to our servers on boot:

  • Machine identity, your machine UUID + MAC address
  • IP address from where you sent it from
  • Version of Webconverger you use

We call this the ping:

This "ping" is used to determine how many users Webconverger has to warrant further investment. Public usage statistics.

You can opt out by appending noping to the command line. noping means no collection of the unique machine identity (UUID + MAC address) or version.

Configuration service

By default (unless opted out by specifying noconfig), we apply our configuration service. This configuration service will use your machine UUID and MAC address as machine identifiers (not personally identifying), to track and apply configurations. This is how the company generates revenue in order to support the opensource project.

If you do not have a subscription, your Webconverger instance will be unconfigured by default, which is usable in many scenarios.

All our sites use Google Analytics.

We try to make the privacy policy as clear as possible. If you have any questions please email privacy AT

Default search service

If you have the URL bar enabled, and you do not type in a valid URL, the input will be passed onto as search terms.