Example deployments of Webconverger on a Nexus 7

Android 5.0's new features such as screen pinning and managed provisioning, has now enabled Webconverger to make a port without too much fuss, instead of say building a ROM.

At the time of writing, the current release is beta software and we are looking for interested testers!

For Android Lollipop

Why Android? Pros:

  • Better touch screen experience
  • In future we should be able to leverage Android's native IMEs and easily support Korean, Japanese & Chinese inputs
  • Android hardware is generally cheaper than PC hardware
  • Android hardware is easier to deploy, especially in the DOOH use case. You could deploy on an ANDROID >=5.0 TV!
  • TODO: Android is a better platform for pushing configuration updates, by leveraging Google Cloud Messaging


If you have an Android 5.0 (or above) device, check it out in the Play store. Thare are other Web kiosk apps in the Google play store, though they are not Opensource like our effort is. Futhermore now you can simply manage both Android and PC devices from our configuration service! That's a first!