28 booted up

2015 has been a busy year. New Android 5 and Raspberry PI2 ports give customers cheaper hardware deployment options. All these different device architectures managed consistently via https://config.webconverger.com/.

The PC x86 version however is our mainstay and this is our last release based on Debian Wheezy. Debian's stable platform lived up to its name. It has been rock solid. Thank you to the Debian project, its developers and users. The next version "jessie" should run better on new Intel hardware.

28.0's most exciting new feature is opted in with the instantupdate API option which allows you to change the homepage remotely for one or many of your devices in an instant. No reboot required! See the instantupdate demo. The technology behind this is Websockets and the service runs upon https://wss.webconverger.com/.

The detailed changelog between 27.1 and 28.0 otherwise shows a raft of security updates and minor bug fixes. If you are Live user, you really must update for the Flash fixes alone. For install users... you should have nothing to worry about. Do double check the version on about: in case something is amiss.. it's never a bad idea to re-install (it only takes a couple of minutes)!

Coming soon: A major update where we will upgrade from Debian codename wheezy to jessie smoothly. Work in our testing branch is well underway and we hope to release the next version of "stable" soon after Debian makes the switch.

The sha256sum is ce422a67f18b8fbf97303bf421c0010f7d8af87b0c09fd78b9c281dca5cb9cbb webc-28.0.iso, please download from our CDN, where we are playing with some AWS credits for this release.