Two months ago was our momentous Jessie based Webconverger 30 release and since then we've: for details

Please download from and follow the USB imaging guide to put it on a USB stick! The sha1sum is 4032c86eefdcbcb3486f7e00661d1f9920fffdf7 for webc-31.0.iso.

What next?

We could really do with your feedback, help & support on a couple of goals for the next release:

If you can't code or have the time to, please purchase a subscription!

Other hardware news

Managed to integrate the EETI eGalaxTouch driver for some models of resistive touchscreens. It works well as your can see by this touch screen demo video and it's typically deployed in Point of Sales in retail. Unfortunately the driver is in a private branch since the End User of License is very limited and a good case study of how not to write a license. Please enquire to know more.

Recently obtained a ~130 USD Intel NUC NUC5CPYH and it works well as our single take NUC video shows. We have recommended this neat PC form factor before and thankfully they are getting better and cheaper.