As announced on twitter earlier this month, we achieved a significant technical accomplishment for Debian based derivatives doing the dreaded dist-upgrade.

A seamless upgrade. No config changes. No hoop jumping. No sweat. If you are running the install version that upgrades itself, you will now be based on Debian Jessie. The new "stable" major release of the underlying open Debian platform for Firefox that will be the basis for Webconverger for the next 3 years.

So we skipped version 29 and 30 marks the fact that we are on Debian Jessie 8.0. Hopefully the only difference you will notice is that this new release should run a bit better on newer hardware. There is an unfortunate caveat that if you are using a 486 kernel based Webconverger, your upgrade will not go smoothly. We noticed that most people using the 486 kernel were doing so mistakenly and we've asked the very few people that are affected, to please simply re-install with any version since 25. Usually you will find your machine to run better, since it's taking advantage of 686 multicore architecture. So yes, we are dropping 486 support.

The detailed changelog between 28.0 and 30.0 and of course this release includes the latest Firefox 38 at time of writing.

Many thanks to Matthijs Kooijman & Bizplay for helping realise this "no mean feat" of a release.

Notice a problem? Please let us know! Please download the new release from our CDN and the sha1sum is 9db8fb19bf63ab5d6b770f493bff825110d295c8. The webc-30.0 package list will show every package as being updated.