Some of you may have noticed the Webconverger portal has been not working as it should. Apologies.

Dreamhost where the portal is hosted has upgraded to PHP5 and since the site makes use of the Apache AddLanguage feature their *.php directive wasn't catching the files. The solution was to add to the .htaccess:

<Files *.php.*>
ForceType php5-cgi

So the portal currently has translations in:

humantorch:462$ ls *.php*  index.php.en

If you want to create a portal for your country, I'm very receptive to adding it. If you find the links on any of the version of the portal could be better, please let us know too.

Thank you sneekylinux for the above succinct video. Also recently Webconverger has been featured in the German press.

With all this talk of "Cloud Computing", Webconverger really should be receiving some more press, as Webconverger makes the perfect cloud client.