Clients use Webconverger in:

  • Banks for secure client Internet banking
  • Casinos
  • Car dealerships
  • Museum 'infopoints'
  • Retail shops for sales assistance
  • Bars
  • Point of sales
  • Clinics
  • In educational institutions; schools & colleges
  • Libraries
  • Charities
  • Hotels
  • Gyms
  • Tourist information points
  • Waiting rooms
  • Warehouses

Web feedback

Printed Media

Quoted positive feedback

  • These guys have a really great product Webconverger is the best kiosk OS out there - and we tried a LOT of them! --John Wolf at MedlabCares
  • I have deployed two new Webconverger kiosks. They are simply AWESOME! I have worked with LTSP terminals in schools, public internet stations, etc. but your solution is so well done. It is easy. It is fast and simple - obviously a very slim linux build in the background. Kudo's for a fantastic job! -- Joe Guenther
  • ... your product is incredible. We haven't rolled out many of our users with the CD -- but it works perfectly when we do. Jackson from
  • Thank you very much for such a wonderful product
  • I was looking for a Linux Live CD to do online banking and webc is the best solution out there. I'll suggest it to friends and forumers. Thank you. from M
  • "Thank you for what you have done so far. Of webkiosk livecds, yours is currently the best." from Larry
  • "I am looking for a boot CD to give to friends and relatives for safe Internet banking. Webconverger is the best I have found" from anonymous
  • "great work ! Really useful for safe and fast browsing. Very cool." from Marcel
  • 'Thanks for your support and this is a very useful "distribution".' from Christophe
  • 'That was my comment on how good it works! You are a good distro designer. Thanks for your response.' from Francis
  • "A fantastic OS/application-setup - thank you very much." from anonymous
  • I tested Webconverger mini in an ATOM based motherboard and works great. from Mauricio

"If you are looking for an OPAC solution that gets rid of your old OS and menuing software (in our case, Windows XP and CARL's Everybody's Menu), keeps your old machines perfectly viable for another few years, and removes the need for antivirus and security software licensing, then Webconverger is for you! Install everything in just minutes and move on to your other library IT projects." Tom @

"We use Webconverger as a solution for our POS system in our convenience stores. Webconverger works very well from individual USB flash memories. This allows to identify each system user by their personal USB. Thanks, Webconverger !!!!" - Juan @ SISTELCOIN, S.L.