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Customers have been asking for customisations particularly without auto updates. Urm, obviously something is wrong.

Automagic upgrading was supposed to be a feature you want, not that something you don't!

My fear is that people will be using old versions of Webconverger and hence old browsers. I want to push the Web forward. Not lock my users into the present. Besides, old browsers can be a serious security risk for example.

So many ideas have been buzzing around my head. How to make upgrades work. Work much better. Work long into the future...

Currently using Debian packages, when Firefox gets updated it requires about a 8 meg download. That's insane as usually the difference between and say can be just a few lines of code!

So from 2.38 I've deployed rsync, which is configured at boot to just update Firefox. It's called iceweaselupgrade and it should be a lot faster than normal apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade.

Still there is loads of room for improvement, as since the browser is dynamically linked, I doubt this upgrade strategy will be stable in the long term.

Oh I hope you like the new logo. It's final! :)