Webconverger unlike Windows for example does not require:

  • a Firewall
  • anti-spyware
  • anti-malware
  • anti-virus

Webconverger is designed for privacy and security, based on:

  • Transparency with opensource software
  • Reproducble builds
  • Always clears private data once a session is ended (last tab is closed or by inactivity timeout or by poweroff)
  • Does not require any signup or registration
  • Does not snoop on users

Once installed, Webconverger has automatic updates that keep you deployment security patched. Note that fetched updates only apply at boot.

We can support Enterprise IT administrators looking to finely tune update roll outs.

Peer review

Webconverger welcomes security review. Please email security AT webconverger.com with your findings. Valid bugs are typically kindly acknowledged building up your online reputation as an expert!

Could security reviewers please practice responsible disclosure.

Please be vigilant: Packet sniff Webconverger and monitor changes.