Webconverger as tourist information

As Linux Torvalds says, "Linux on the Desktop", aka Linux on PCs is hard to crack since machines are not pre-installed with it.

We at Webconverger would love to see our software pre-installed on machines designed for public kiosk applications.

It's hard enough for folks to simply ready a USB stick with Webconverger. Despite third parties who offer USB keys with Webconverger and our great tutorial videos to guide you.

The PC vendors need to wake up and innovate. PC hardware innovation compared to Apple has been diabolically bad in the last 10 years. See the demise of the Lenovo Thinkpad as a prime example. Microsoft's monopoly is threatening to further tighten under the guise of Trusted Computing.

We predict PCs will see their market share further wiped out by ARM and embedded Android devices that can basically fulfil use cases, historically done by PCs. Webconverger will embark on an Android based solution too. With ARM, PC vendors certainly cannot compete on price, so we need to see innovation from you. Give customers better solutions. Embed Webconverger for public access computing and give your customers less headaches!