Webconverger Neon, Webconverger's spin off Web signage operating system product was introduced earlier on this blog, however there wasn't a version for you to try, until now.

Download Webconverger Neon for evaluation. Please follow the Webconverger USB install instructions with the downloaded ISO.

The current version is neon-eval-dd361e0.iso with the sha1sum dfca9ee0434486569e8c2a3897e7cd51a1dde0bc. The package listing is at

The remote monitoring features have been disabled. The evaluation product is free to try for one week providing you have a Paypal account.

Next we are looking for tighter integration with hardware vendors and Web signage platform (for authoring the HTML of a sign) vendors like Rise Vision to better solve client deployment problems.

Though for now, I hope you are as excited as we are about the potential of the Web on digital signs in public places. The interest in Web signage of late has been fantastic. The Web offers powerful open way to inform people on the go and Webconverger aims to be the software service company to deliver it on your PC hardware.