Webconverger 13 excitingly includes WebGL 3D accelerated support for nvidia hardware and security enhancements, as well as:

The packages changes from 12.3 to 13.0 only tell a part of the story. git log --pretty=format:"%h %ar %s" 12.3..13.0 on the git maintained rootfs gives you a detailed picture of all the hard work and fixes then went into this release over 6 weeks. If you like to see more statistics, do checkout github's graphs.

md5sum: 0a1808e75bb0759cfc0dc8122a883edb  webc-13.0.iso
sha1sum: 7ffa4c02f1481f108298c6811ce40aec0beb47d2  webc-13.0.iso

Please download from Webconverger.com which should redirect you to our closest download mirror. Enjoy!