neon boots

16.0 showcases the proven DOOH Neon Web signage OS, under the new chrome=neon switch to Webconverger users. The only difference now really between the Neon and Webconverger products, is the extra monitoring offered in Neon, which would not be appropriate in Webconverger for privacy reasons.

Neon's pricing model at 30USD a month, works out at just 1USD a day per screen. You hopefully can generate at least 1USD of revenue on your screen per day by advertising a service or product!

What's new:

  • New chrome=neon and black background Neon theme
  • New homepage= expansions for WEBCID, WEBCVERSION & finally USBID for simple physical authentication in POS use cases
  • New noescape option for further locking down of install boot
  • Update Firefox 17.0.1 and flash update
  • Bug fixes for https_proxy, xinput and disabling addons

Those using the install version, your will enjoy safely and silently upgrading to these new features and fixes. Verify the update if you like by cross referencing the about: version with the latest commits.

Please download from and update!


There is lots of exciting things to come, where we could do with your help and support!

  • squeeze → wheezy upgrade
  • including CJK fonts and input methods
  • blogs about how to do Web signage