Webconverger 3 beta

Lately I have been enjoying using Firefox 3.

Though it's not explicit in the design goals, I do want to make Webconverger as fast as possible. Firefox 3 leaves Firefox 2 in the dust, so I think this is a good excuse for Webconverger to increment to the version three milestone. :)

Please test webc-3.0b.mini (BETA) from the mini download directory for the beta.

In order to prepare for this release dwm and the Firefox addon was updated, amongst other things.

For the time being, upgrades are disabled, though I do aim to fix them in future. I've updated the todo too.

If there is a particular feature there you want to see implemented you can please sponsor the work or at least drop a pleasant request at the Webconverger users group.

Safe surf with Webconverger!