This new major 4.x series release of Webconverger is marked by initial wireless driver support. Webconverger also has a new super fast download mirror hosted by a new machine hetty located somewhere in Germany. Try it out!

Historically Webconverger 3 before celebrated Firefox 3.

Webconverger 4 release notes

The Debian installer does not contain wireless firmware support. So if you want to install Webconverger to your hard drive from CD ISO grub boot menu or USB, please do so from a wired connection.

There is a video describing Webconverger USB wireless boot option. Please post testing feedback publicly on the forums.

Last, but not least. For production deployments you must use WPA security on your Wireless access point otherwise attackers can too easily sniff the sites you are surfing. Webconverger is designed to be secure!

UPDATE FLASH does not seem to work with 4.0

4.1 fixes the problem. Enjoy :-)

About non-English locales

Maxi will be updated when people are happy with wifi support. I am tinkering with the idea of setting up locale dynamically from a control panel once Webconverger mini has booted up. This would download the necessary locale files instead of distributing a huge distribution such as maxi with everything bundled in.