Webconverger software in London #renew #amazing #websignage

Webconverger is a community project funded by Webconverger Limited, which in turns powers are fledging outdoor commercial services for Web kiosks and digital signage, which is known as Webconverger Neon.

Most digital signs you see today in your city are not online and are not on the Web. We hope to change that working together with Renew who are really pushing the envelope with Web signage. They aren't innovating just anywhere, they have Webconverger Neon deployments all over the very heart of London's square mile!!

So in the picture above I was very proud to see them on the streets of London and I hope to see this informational "Web signage" trend continue.

Community users of Webconverger could give yourself a slap on the back too. Since we know Webconverger is stable and reliable because we have nearly 3000 users who effectively help test our releases.