Domain registration handled by Dreamhost.

DNS records hosted with AWS Route 53, this is mainly for DNS failover, though its performance is pretty damn good.

Hosted by AWS CloudFront.

Github Pages hosted test site is at

A bottom of the range Digital Ocean droplet with

  • 512MB Ram 20GB SSD Disk Amsterdam 1 Arch Linux 2013.05 x64
  • 1 TB pcm bandwidth (that's 3x more than most other VPS providers)
  • 5USD a month
  • Archlinux (systemd)

Uses: (gb)

Hosted with Linode is expertly curated by for the public wiki.

~60USD a year

Webconverger Github

On a bronze package at 25USD a month.


Most sites are now using automagic Lets Encrypt or AWS Certificate Manager on CF.


Hosted with at 90USD a year with 1 basic & 1 professional account.