Firstly we thank our customers who purchase subscriptions to keep this project funded & active. Thousands of people use Webconverger to surf the Web in a controlled and private manner.

Esteemed contributors in no order as yet:

Anant Shrivastava, Wyemun Chin, Juanita Sabapathy, Benjamin Joffe, Peng Huang, Andreas Beckmann, Paul Craig, Dominique Goncalves, Paddy Byers, Koen Roggemans, Patrick Haller, Matthijs Kooijman, Mike Kaply, Stewart Willis, François Audirac, Andrei Popescu, Petter Reinholdtsen, Ben Armstrong, Guttorm Flatabø, Teemu Hukkanen, Jamie Kitson, Larry Dockery, Nicolas Spalinger, Daniel Glassey, Eric Dorland, Otavio Salvador, Heike Jurzik, Mike Hommey, Anselm Garbe, Alexis Hildebrandt, Chris Lamb, Christophe DAVID, Marcel Bensch, Henri David, Paul Sander Langeslag, Daniel Baumann, the Debian community, Ian Hickson, Tom Pike, Allan Clements, Phil Waring, Henri Sivonen, Kimmo Heinäaro, Jure Cuhalev, Thomas Park, Antoine Delaunay, Marco Amadori, Ruth Chong, Joose Vettenranta, in fact the entire country of Finland and for everyone who provided feedback.

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Kai Hendry would also like to dedicate Webconverger to the memory of Kimmo Raatikainen who helped educate him.

The Webconverger project founded in February 2007 at Praze Farm, Cornwall by Kai Hendry.

Webconverger Ltd was formed on the 11th of September 2007 in the UK & we since moved to Singapore. Opensource FTW.