Our current support hours are 9:00-17:00 (UTC+8) and we endeavour to respond to your request within four working hours. For example an email sent to us at 1PM (UTC+12) would reach us at 9AM (UTC+8), and we try respond at the latest by 5PM (UTC+12). An email sent to us at 9AM (UTC+12), would be received at 5AM (UTC+8), and would have a response by 5PM (UTC+12).

How we handle issues

Once we have a confirmed reproducible issue from you, we will log the issue upon our public bug tracking system, however it will be anonymised, not to mention any names.

For issues that cannot be anonymised, such as a billing issue, we log them in an internal bug tracker.

For paying customers, we prioritise engineering time to the issue to get it fixed.

Deployment support

Please verify you can reach which is the configuration server your Webconverger will download its configuration from. An installed webconverger will cache its configuration, so once deployed, it will not need further access to However if you change the configuration, your install will need to access in order to download the new configuration.

Typical steps to trouble shoot problems:

  1. Reboot the machine
  2. Re-install the machine with the latest update
  3. Try the older release snapshot, since you might be suffering with a regression
  4. Log machine identity and try to reproduce the problem. Our bug tracking is transparent (we don't name customers)

In any case, please email with the machine identity and problem description.

To provide us extra debugging information, we may ask you to please append the keyword "support" to your configuration in order to send us logs and reboot the machine.[MACHINE_ID]

Long term support

Once Webconverger is installed and working the two classes of issues you should expect to see are:

  1. Hardware fault - you need to replace the hardware, note a new machine identity requires a new seat
  2. Update regression - we can roll you back to an earlier version or help you resolve any issue

Hardware faults are likely to be straightforward to identify if you are using the same hardware across your deployment. In this case replacing the hardware (with ideally exactly the same hardware) and re-installing Webconverger is the solution.

Since Webconverger installs will by default update to the latest version with the latest browser, it is possible you might see a regression. For example the Web browser's page layout behaviour might change, since a new browser update might remove or change some feature. This is very rare and we actively support legacy applications by having a policy of avoiding any changes to the default browsing experience, so you can expect to have a consistent Webconverger behaviour.

If browser updates become a problem, one option is to use the Update API to pin your Webconverger to a previous release which has been established to work reliably with your deployment hardware and Websites.