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Append debug on the boot command line, in order to access a default instance of the dwm window manager.

Getting a terminal

Once X is booted, press shift+alt+enter together to make dwm (the window manager) launch a terminal emulator.

Alternatively, you can press ctrl+alt+F2 to switch out of X to tty2 and log in there (root, no password). This also works if X didn't start.

This only works when debug is on the commandline.

Details about the browser build

about:support on the URL bar.

Using Firefox without the locked down Webconverger extension


Setting root password

Remote logging

Use the log= API and grab an account with Papertrail for a nice Web interface

Debugging an installed version of Webconverger

Hold Alt or Shift keys on the install boot to get boot: prompt

This will not work if noescape is being used beforehand.

Doing compiles

You need to remove /etc/dpkg/dpkg.cfg.d/exclude-files to get your headers, before installing build-essential et al.


As the root super-user sudo -i, utilise the p tool to paste you logs into.

Describing the video hardware

TODO: Somehow automate this?

Disable upgrades

Booting Webconverger by default will forcefully fast forward to

You probably don't want this behaviour if you are testing a change, so append noupgrade.

Monitoring network bandwidth

# cat /proc/net/netstat | p

Useful for calculating rough sizes of upgrades.

Debugging shell scripts

Putting at the top of your script

exec >/tmp/${0}$$.log 2>&1
set -x

Creates a complete log file in /tmp

Taking a screenshot

Boot with debug in cmdline and as root sudo -i.

apt-get update && apt-get install scrot suckless-tools

Using dwm's default dmenu shortcut, [Alt]+p and choosing scrot and append the filename, like /tmp/test-rendering.png

From there you can use to upload the PNG file and get the URL to paste into a bug report.

Tweaking ?

You can edit things and restart X by running pkill X as root.

Debugging configuration caching

Assuming you have a configuration like so

Setup Virtualbox with the Bridged Adaptor eth0.

To disable access to the configuration server:

iptables -I FORWARD 1 -d -j REJECT

To clear the above rule:

iptables -F FORWARD

Getting support

By typing support as root, you will send your /var/log contents to our support service, which is for customers.

Failsafe booting

Boot without "vga=771 quiet splash"

Then... you're not going to like this. Try all of these kernel cmdline options:

memtest noapic noapm nodma nomce nolapic nomodeset nosmp nosplash vga=normal

Debugging systemd